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Door opening & Coffee offered

Welcome Speeches by the hosts

Moderator during the day  François Baur  President FDP International

DORIS FIALA   Initiator and President FDP.The Liberals Women

Etienne Jornod Chairman “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (NZZ)

Petra Gössi   President FDP.The Liberals Switzerland

Hans Van Baalen  President “Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe” (ALDE), MEP VVD Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Karl Heinz Paqué Vice President Liberal International and
Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

Andri Silberschmidt  President Young Liberals Switzerland

Address of welcome by our partner and host

The principle of subsidiarity as a factor of success

Dr. Paul J. Hälg  Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sika Group

Keynote Speech – Are we facing the end of liberalism?

Dr. Felix E. Müller  Editor in Chief “NZZ am Sonntag”

Break with Coffee & Snacks offered

Keynote Speech: The media and populism

Gilles Marchand  designated Director General Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR)

Block Digitalisation: Innovation and work in the digital age
What are the political challenges and the conditions for success?

Moderated by  Dominique Zygmont  Swissmem & FDP.The Liberals Zurich

Input Speech  Prof. Dr. Lino Guzzella   President ETH Zurich

Input Speech  Dr. Marianne Janik  Country Manager Microsoft Switzerland

Input Speech  Ruedi Noser   Senator Canton of Zurich, FDP.The Liberals

Panel & discussion with the audience

Additional panelists

Mirko Bischofberger  EPFL / Swiss Fiction Movement

Dr. Pete Kurath   Chairman Blofeld Group

Ivo Lenherr  Inhaber fsp Architekten AG

Networking Lunch 

Keynote Speech – Is Switzerland still a model for success?

Dr. Peter Grünenfelder   Director Avenir Suisse
Block Free-Trade: Free-trade and single market versus protectionism and isolationism

Moderated by  Luzi Bernet   Vice editor in Chief NZZ

Input Speech  Dr. Felix R. Ehrat Group General Counsel and Member of the Executive Committee Novartis; President SwissHoldings

Input Speech  Michael Theurer  Member of the European Parliament ALDE and FDP Germany

Input Speech  Christa Markwalder  National Councillor FDP.The Liberals and former President of the National Council

Panel & discussion with the audience

Additional panelists

Dr. Patrick Dümmler   Senior Fellow Avenir Suisse

Dr. Charlotte Sieber-Gasser  Expert in trade law, HSG and University of Lucerne

Dr. Jan Atteslander  Head of foreign trade, economiesuisse

Break with Coffee offered

Keynote Speech:
Supporting the Swiss militia system in politics – a responsibility also for business companies.

Daniel J. Sauter  Chairman Julius Bär

Block Populismus: How to convey liberal values versus populism and fake news?

Moderated by Claudine Esseiva   City Councillor Bern, FDP.The Liberals and Senior consultant furrerhugi

Input Speech Dr. Ignazio Cassis   Leader of the parliamentary group FDP.The Liberals

Panel & discussion with the audience

Additional panelists

Julie Cantalou President ALDE Party Individual Members, LibDems Southampton and Senior Manager, Public Policy|Southampton

Joachim Son-Forget  Delegate to the French “assemblée nationale”, La République En Marche!

Christoph Wiederkehr   Speaker for Education, Science, Integration, Democracy and International Affairs NEOS Austria

Laura Zimmermann  Co-President Operation Libero

& Daniel J. Sauter  Chairman Julius Bär

Closing speech & Apéro

Thanks to our Partners for the generous support.